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They say about her!

Concert reviews and critiques, reference letters, feedbacks, reactions and echoes regarding:


  • her concerts: concerts reviews 

  • her artistic personality: letters of reference from her teachers, enthusiastic and warm reactions and feedbacks from jurors of international competitions and other personalities and music colleagues

  • teaching activities: Reference letters from international institutions with which Francesca Canali has collaborated and Feedbacks from her students and numerous participants in courses, masterclasses, workshops

  • her scientific and pedagogical research: teachers and supervisors of her doctorate/PhD and other personalities from the scientific world.



All documents are in their original language (not translated) and, for ease of reading, are sorted by language: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French.


Some reviews and concert critiques, newspaper reports,¬†feedbacks and echoes regarding Francesca Canali’s concert activities.


Her former teachers, jurors of international competitions and other personalities and colleagues from the world of culture and music say about her.

Teaching activity

Letters and feedback from institutions and exponents of the world of art and culture about Francesca Canali’s teaching activities and projects.


About her scientific research: lecturers, teachers, colleagues, supervisors of her PhD and other personalities say about her.