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Francesca Canali teaches flute and chamber music at the Musikhochschule Kalaidos of Zurich and in the Austrian Regional Music School System (OÖLMSW – Landesmusikschulwerk Oberösterreich).

At the same time, she is regularly invited worldwide as a teacher and a guest lecturer, expert and speaker, to lead master classes, seminars, workshops and conferences at music universities and other international musical institutions as well as at numerous congresses on music pedagogy and on the physiology and medicine of the musician.

She is an enthusiastic pedagogue who deeply loves to pass on her musical skills and knowledge and to share her enthusiasm and love for music with other people.

In addition to a meticulous work on the main themes of instrumental technique and musical interpretation, the main focus of her teaching is on sound, breath and body work, as well as on musician self-care and empowerment, releasing and controlling anxiety, developing the own individual personality and strengthening the own musical expressiveness and stage presence.

Her teaching and lessons are always adapted to the individual needs and aims of each participant and designed to build on their specific different personalities, motivations, individual strengths and talent.

She attaches particular importance to an appreciative, open and friendly learning atmosphere in which each learner feels accepted, appreciated and welcomed.

The numerous successes of her students in national and international competitions and orchestral auditions and their rapid musical and artistic development are testimony to the effectiveness and validity of her methodological approach and teaching.

For those interested, below are the current possibilities for studying with Francesca Canali both as an ordinary student and in courses and masterclasses.

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Transform your passion into your future!

Quality, internationality, flexibility, individuality. Studying at the Kalaidos University of Music offers students the possibility of a professional, high-level and personalized teaching on their instrument under the guidance of experienced and renowned artists and teachers, while at the same time allowing them to adapt the manner, location and frequency of their lessons individually and with flexibility to their personal and professional needs and requirements.

Francesca Canali is a professor for Flute Classic (performance and pedagogic) and chamber music/ensemble in the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Arts FH in Klassik
  • Master of Arts FH in Music Performance Klassik
  • Master of Arts FH in Musikpädagogik Klassik
  • Master of Arts FH in Music Specialized Performance Klassik
  • Vorstudium Musik


All information on the admission requirements, study plans and the qualifying examinations, as well as the application form can be found here:  (hyperlink)

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Due to the pandemic situation, the regular activities and courses of the Flute Atelier are currently suspended.

November ….. – June ….. in Salzburg

Francesca Canali’s Flute-Atelier is a place for learning, deepening, exchanging and sharing, open to students (all ages, levels and grades), young professionals, amateurs, teachers and all those flute players who are deeply passionate about music and wish to improve themselves and broaden their instrumental, interpretative, personal and cultural horizons!

The course is structured as an annual training itinerary, personalised to the specific needs and technical priorities of each participant, working in depth on pieces from the flute-repertoire chosen from the participants and accompanying the participant on a progressive path of personal and artistical development.

In addition to intensive work on flute technique (embouchure, articulation, breathing, posture, intonation, vibrato) and interpretation (agogic, style, phrasing, expressiveness), the course focuses in particular on body work as well as on the many aspects of bodily and mental mastery and self-care/self-awareness related to playing and to a musical performance (mental, emotional and physical basis of playing, development of musical personality, creativity, stage presence).

The teaching and lessons of Francesca Canali always follows a practical orientation that allows students to integrate the newly acquired knowledge into their personal musical practice and to experience the proposed working techniques first-hand through specific exercises and focused experiences.

The course takes place on 8 weekends (2 days each) and includes: Individual lessons, accompaniment and collective sound/technique/breathing and body exercises.

It is also possible to participate on single dates/days or weekends, as long as there are still places available!

It is very important to reserve the date well in advance!



In the summer of 2022 Francesca Canali will hold two courses organised by the Austrian Master Classes in the beautiful castle of  ZELL AN DER PRAM in Upper Austria:

  • Youth course, for young people up to the age of 18 – from 21. to 27. August 2022
  • Masterclass, advanced course – from 4. to 10. September 2022

The historic and newly renovated castle of Zell an der Pram, with its beautiful, quiet and romantic location in the middle of the Upper Austrian Innviertel, and the friendly, relaxed, collegial and very agreeable atmosphere of the courses, offer the participants an optimal setting for an intensive and exciting week of music and flute-work!

The courses are open to young flute players, students from music universities, colleges and conservatories, and all those who are preparing for upcoming examinations, competitions and concert performances, as well as teachers, amateurs, young professionals and all passionate flutists who want to work in depth on a piece of their own choice from the flute-repertoire and improve their own skills technically, musically and personally!

There is no entrance exam or age limit for participation: anyone who loves music and the flute is WELCOME! Only fundamental condition is the passion for music and the will and enthusiasm to learn and improve!

The course also provides a good opportunity for semi-professional musicians/amateurs to engage in working on their own repertoire and technique from a professional point of view, deepening and improving an already started or finished programme and spendinga week of intense musical experience with other passionate flutists and musicians from all over the world.

Every day
, each participant receives 40 minutes of individual tuition.

Piano accompaniment, warm-up, collective sound and technique exercises and flute ensemble is also included!

Places are limited and it is therefore recommended to apply as early as possible to ensure you can participate.



  • Youth Course in August
  • Masterclass in September

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