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Imorovising in Harare with the singer Dudu Manenga

As a versatile, open-minded and passionate artist, Francesca Canali’s personality is characterized by an innate curiosity and a deep longing for discovery and understanding that drives her to constantly expand her musical, artistical, cultural and personal horizons.

For her, Music is first and foremost a ‘special’ language and a form of universal communication based on the sharing of all those deep feelings, questions and emotions related to life and living that we all know as human beings.

Comfenalco Youth Orchestra, Columbia

Thanks to music, it is possible to transcend the normal ‘boundaries’ of language and to build ‘bridges’ of communication with people from very different cultural, personal and social backgrounds. In playing music, and more generally in music, Francesca strives for the most authentic life and humanity in all its many forms and facets.

Music-theatre project for children’s

Her interests and artistic activities and projects are therefore manifold and varied: in parallel with her ‘normal’ performing activity, Francesca Canali carries out music-theatre projects as well as music education projects for children, and constantly devotes much of her energy to innovative projects, in which her qualities as performer, pedagogue and researcher merge into one.

Francesca is convinced that classical music must open up and move out of the ‘elitist ghetto’ in which it is often ‘confined’ (self-confined) in Western culture and society, in order to share its enormous heritage of universal values, beauty, humanity and sensitivity with a wider humanity! 

Playing for a school near Harare, Simbabwe

Her profound interest in the social aspects of music education has led her to extended performing tours in Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana) and South America (Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela), where, in addition to solo recitals, she has lectured and given masterclasses at local music universities and taught within the framework of various educational projects, collaborating with, among others, such local institutions as the Venezuelan El Sistema, the Colombian Fundaciòn Batuta and Filármonica Joven de Colombia, and the South African Unisa, Miagi and Keiskamma Music Academy

Flute-orchestra project in Maputo, Mozambique

Music has allowed her to visit unique and unusual places in the countries she visited, unknown to the normal ‘concert routine’ and off the beaten path (=and even more to tourism), and above all to come into contact with the people who live there, playing and teaching also in marginal and socially disadvantaged areas and immersing herself into the local culture and social realities.

Her LULLABY PROJECT in cooperation with El Sistema Greece ( won the AIRStip award in Salzburg in 2020 and was chosen as a project to be supported by the City of Salzburg (Salzburg Stadt) abroad.

The Lullaby Project is a collaboration project between El Sistema Greece and other local artistic and cultural institutions such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre ( and the National Conservatory of Music in Athens and Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute in New York.

Francesca will be artist in residence of El Sistema Greece and will participate as a soloist/performer in the project (due to the pandemic, the project was postponed to 2022).

During Francesca Canali’s stay in Athens, several artistic and pedagogical activities in collaboration with El Sistema Greece are planned: Concerts as a soloist with the El Sistema Greece Youth Orchestra (ESGYO), training courses for teachers of El Sistema Greece, master classes for students of the National Conservatory of Athens and Corinth, as well as several music education projects/musical activities for/with children and people from some refugee camps around Athens. 

These are the main aims of this project: „Envisioning music as a means towards social inclusion and cohesion, the project supports maternal health and child development, strengthening bonds between parents and children through to music. The Lullaby Project pairs pregnant women and new mothers with professional artists, composers and musicians, to write, sing/play and perform personal lullabies for their babies. Composers and Musicians meet with women in advanced pregnancy; the Lullabies, fruits of this unique encounter will be performed in a concert in the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens, proving that music is the most powerful means of expression.”

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, it has not been possible until now to realise the project, which is currently postponed until 2022.

First performance of a piece for flute-orchestra especially written by austrian composer Balduin Sulzer