Research Areas

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The main research areas of Francesca Canali are closely linked to her personality and her artistic and pedagogical activities and experiences: they originate from the combination of an innate inquisitive spirit and a deep desire to understand and, above all, to integrate in her musical activities ‘objective, corporeal and material’ aspects of making-music – i.e. physical, corporeal (anatomy and physiology), what can be seen and touched – and the more ‘subjective, spiritual, incorporeal’ ones – i.e. what one feels but cannot be seen and touched, such as all the artistic, mental and emotional aspects that are related to the individual personality of the musician.

Over the years, these interests have led her to deepen her knowledge and skills in the fields of pedagogy, didactics, musician’s medicine, anatomy and physiology, acoustics, music therapy, neuroscience and, especially in recent years, to develop a real passion for disciplines related to personal growth, empowerment, development of creativity, talent and human potential.

Her main research focuses actually on:

  • Science of musical performance: psycho-physiological aspects related to musical performance, i.e. the anatomical, physiological, functional and mental/psychological basis of making music.
  • Anatomy and functional physiology of sound production in wind instruments/flute playing: anatomical, physiological and functional bases and processes of production, development and artistic management of sound (i.e. the management of different acoustic and expressive qualities of sound in a musical context/piece); correlations and reciprocal influences between different postures, bodily attitudes and movements, different instrumental techniques and the resulting acoustic and expressive qualities of sound, also with regard to different styles and forms of musical expression.
  • Research, experimentation and development of models and methods of music education and didactics that support and foster, in parallel with the development of musical skills, the development of inter- and intra-personal skills and the integral development of the musician’s personality.
  • Forms, concepts and strategies of gifted education: discovery, promotion and development of musical talent, the concept of excellence in music and art education in the light of current research in the field of neuroscience, psychology of learning, empowerment, personal growth.

Based on the results of her research, Francesca Canali has developed her own teaching methodology, which integrates scientific knowledge with current artistic and pedagogical practice and focuses on the musician’s integral education.